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Ponce-Deliver Anti-Aging Investor Meeting

October 27, 2022

For those who are interested in viewing the recorded Zoom meeting, “Ponce-Deliver Anti-Aging Investor Meeting” and associated content click the button below and fill out the short questionnaire.  After our review, you will be contacted about further steps, including execution of an NDA, to obtain access.

“We have the knowledge, technology, plan, team and facilities to be the first to develop effective anti-aging therapeutics”

On October 27, 2022, Rapha Capital held a Ponce-Deliver Anti-Aging Investor Meeting at its R&D Headquarters at K2 Biolabs in Houston, Texas. The event gave us the opportunity to review the exciting and valuable work being done at Rapha Capital-companies Ponce Therapeutics and Deliver Therapeutics and introduce the current opportunities available to participate in these and other Rapha Capital-managed investments.


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